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SmartUS Education, which is a brand affiliated to and launched by Longre Education Group, focuses on US tests training. SmartUS focuses on researching and teaching and helps Chinese students who aim to study in America improve their competitiveness in those tests. Courses include TOEFL, SAT, TOEFL Junior, SSAT, ACT, AP, GRE and GMAT trainings.


SmartUS Education are all over the country. When the centers are established, a professional team is formed, consisting of experienced teachers focusing on junior and senior high school education and adopting the American teaching style. Meanwhile, the team is also equipped with tutors with full knowledge of juvenile psychology. The powerful combination helps students improve their English in all aspects. With the concept of ‘American teaching style in 360°’, SmartUS Education makes plans for students to study in America and teaches them in an American teaching mode which is student-oriented. Students can experience the authentic American studying atmosphere in SmartUS, and acquire the language skills and other abilities needed in their future overseas study. It helps students realize the dream of studying in the US.


With the philosophy of innovation, SmartUS Education persists in adopting American operation model. SmartUS is a top training school with the first class teachers, service, management, quality and brand. It is the most reliable training center on US tests in China.



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